History of the APSI Academy

History of the APSI Academy

Why do we use the model of closed communities of the Heidelberg University?

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“Academy of the Professional Services Industry” takes its origin in the German city of Heidelberg, one of the most influential and oldest universities in the world is located in there, Heidelberg University named after Ruprecht and Karl.

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Methodologies and technologies

Methodologies and technologies

What is the difference between a successful business and a loser?

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The technology for operating in complex markets

A database that includes methodologies and implementation mechanisms that provide  manageable results for a business, regardless of

Intellectual complex Rastrub in business version

A unique methodology for mastering the skills that are necessary for business activity. Computing instrument for error

Struggle against religious extremism technology

Technology that allows not only to neutralize the threats, but also to turn the struggle against religious

Intellectual complex Sector in business version

A methodology that provides the necessary psychological training for a one and an exhaustive amount of knowledge

Comprehensive system for making error free decisions while selecting employees, partners and clients for the company at

A special course of lectures which contains a system of the applied knowledge necessary to form one’s own financial


Alisa Novosyolova
Head of the scientific department of APSI Academy
Skype: bmw.ronin
Telegram: @Alisa_Novosyolova
E-mail: alisa.novosyolova@academy-apsi.com

Leonid Gudkin
Director of the European Branch of APSI Academy
Skype: leonidgudkin
Telegram: @Leonid_Gudkin
E-mail: leonid.gudkin@academy-apsi.com


Most people who cooperate with the "Academy of the Professional Services Industry" are committed to improve the quality of life and improve their social status. In this section one may get acquainted with our philosophy, approach and prospects

For business

An expert approach and applied research results of the "Academy of the Professional Services Industry" allows to build a configuration that ensures the retention of positions for the business as well as the conditions for its expansion in prospective areas.


Interviews with experts, open lectures, reports from recent seminars and prospects for cooperation with the "Academy of the Professional Services Industry". This is an incomplete list of materials that the APSI team prepares on a weekly basis to keep you up to date of the latest events.


Illegal takeover or Raidership as a tool to destroy business

If one considers his or her business to be untouchable, then this article might be definitely not for this type of the person.

Such materials are of interest only for people who objectively look at market trends and understand the simple dependence: the more successful the business becomes, the more there will be people who will seek to destroy or seize it. Besides, the purpose in such cases justifies the means.Read More

What is a “Counter justice”?

There is a law and justice. Business environment continuously forces market players to resolve the issue of the relationship between justice and law.

The first thing that business will have to face on the territory of any country is injustice. The fact is that every player in the market is interested in only one thing, and that is efficiency. Business requires new markets, new customers and new money, which means that there is a regular clash of interests.Read More

Partner organizations

Our experts


US elected official

Businessman and public figure, five-time state and Golden Gloves amateur champion. The student of a legendary American boxing coach Cus D'Amato


Lawyer, attorney

Managing partner of the "Redut" law company, a lawyer, an adherent of the Venetian school. Olga Panchenko is an expert in the field of criminal, corporate, civil law, as well as protection of intellectual property rights. Her work experience in the field of jurisprudence is more than 14 years


Director of the film company "STATUS"

Journalist, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Unsolved Crimes", director of the film company "STATUS". Among experts and representatives of academic science Konstantin Slobodyanyuk achieved recognition by means of series of journalistic investigations.


Candidate of Psychological Sciences

Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Jungian analyst, hypnologist, psychologist, anthropologist, sociologist. Head of the Depth Psychology "Teurung" Association, a member of the South Ukrainian psychoanalytic society, Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists and the Russian Hermetic Society. Specializations: "Introduction to complex judicial psycho-psychiatric examination", "Fundamentals of psychodynamic-oriented psychocorrection", "Suicidology.