What is a “Counter justice”?

There is a law and justice. Business environment continuously forces market players to resolve the issue of the relationship between justice and law.

The first thing that business will have to face on the territory of any country is injustice. The fact is that every player in the market is interested in only one thing, and that is efficiency. Business requires new markets, new customers and new money, which means that there is a regular clash of interests.

At this point, there is a need to choose not only a fair, but also a legitimate solution. Business might collide with injustice from the state, tax services, representatives of criminal structures, competitors, economic espionage, etc. However the most important thing is that this collision is a permanent phenomena. Question which has to be answered is the following: how will a business man act when he encounters an injustice?

“Counter-justice” as a system allows to implement the interests of a business without violating the law.

By looking at the statistics of judicial precedents in Germany, Italy, the United States, Spain on may notice that ways to resolve unfair situations often do not take into account the current legislation of the country. Thus, the consequences of such decisions as a result are disappointing for business as well as for decision makers outside the law framework. For instance in the year of 2016 in Kiev an international businessman tried to organize a mercenary murder in order to eliminate his competitor and as a result he was sentenced to a long term imprisonment. As one would understand, this is not the only case of applying extreme measures to restore justice.

“Counter-justice” as a system allows to implement the interests of a business without violating the law. While choosing the most effective scenario, a businessman has to evaluate not only the short-term perspective and benefits, but also should think of a security in advance. However, in most cases, company chief executives act differently. As an example, there is a tendency to use corruption schemes, relationships with individual representatives of law enforcement bodies and criminal structures. In the long term, these kind of decisions always lead to a loss which is both financial and related with the reputation. The 21st century that dynamic, that any modifications in the economic or political situation in the country can change the status of an official and turn him to a criminal. Thus, one’s’ secret relationships and arrangements can become apparent. As a result this or that person might become outside the law. US and European press is full of similar examples. In the year of 2016 the head of the largest construction company Odebrecht was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment. An investigation has revealed that the leadership of Odebrecht corrupted the governments of 12 Latin American countries. According to the investigation, the President of Brazil Dilma Vana Russef, was sent to the hospital, along with her seven ministers and several dozen of the closest colleagues in the President’s Administration had retired. We are far from the idea that you would like to be the antiheroes of criminal chronicles.

This article is not intended to introduce one the “Counter-justice” system developed by the experts of the APSI Academy. Our goal is to demonstrate the existence of an alternative approach that will help to balance a justice and law. Regardless of the market conditions, degree and level of the threat, “Counter-justice” system allows a business to implement its interests without violating the law. Other articles will reveal more about the topic.

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