“Academy of the Professional Services Industry” takes its origin in the German city of Heidelberg, one of the most influential and oldest universities in the world is located in there, Heidelberg University named after Ruprecht and Karl.

It was here where Ulrich Neuchmann received his first education, in the year of 1950 Johann Broylie and Ferdinand Hans named their law company in the honor of his name. The initial task of the private academy was to select and train personnel for the Neuchmann law company in the post-war Germany.

This practice was widespread in the Europe and in the US in the XX century manufacture segment, in trade and consulting companies. Each organization employed its own approach. The main task of private institutes, academies and design bureaus was the creation of unique technologies and methodologies that gave a business undeniable advantages in the market. The APSI Academy was created in accordance with the model of closed communities of Heidelberg University.

To implement strategic plans and expand the sphere of influence, the business council of the Neuchmann German law company decided to revive the “Academy of the Professional Services Industry” in the year of 2018.

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