Illegal takeover or Raidership as a tool to destroy business

If one considers his or her business to be untouchable, then this article might be definitely not for this type of the person.

Such materials are of interest only for people who objectively look at market trends and understand the simple dependence: the more successful the business becomes, the more there will be people who will seek to destroy or seize it. Besides, the purpose in such cases justifies the means.Read More

What is a “Counter justice”?

There is a law and justice. Business environment continuously forces market players to resolve the issue of the relationship between justice and law.

The first thing that business will have to face on the territory of any country is injustice. The fact is that every player in the market is interested in only one thing, and that is efficiency. Business requires new markets, new customers and new money, which means that there is a regular clash of interests.Read More