Services for business

In the XXI century, the requirements for business from the market side has significantly increased compared to the XX century. Dynamism of changes in external political and economic conditions, as well as globalization over the Internet, forces the business to continuously improve and upgrade or leave the market forever. If we summarize and systematize the statistics of inquiries made to consulting structures of Germany, Spain, Italy, the USA and Ukraine, we can single out two directions:

- quest for solutions to hold positions in the market; - quest for technological advantages for expanding geography and sphere of influence.

As in the first and in the second case there are eight basic blocks containing all possible keys for solving business problems:

- technologies; - strategic consulting; - selection and training of personnel; - management of the customer flow; - one’s own financial system; - business security; - advocacy; - personal security.

The expert approach and applied results of scientific research in various industries enable the "Academy of the Professional Services Industry" to resolve any of the eight blocks mentioned above. Regardless of the country, as well as external conditions, it is possible to build such a configuration that will ensure the retention of positions for business, as well as the conditions for its expansion in prospective areas:

- Strategic consulting with experts and partners of the APSI Academy with the aim of making the right choice of the market segment; - the possibility of creating personal technologies for business, giving an indisputable advantage on the market; - choosing and building the most effective management model; - creation of one’s own financial system; - the possibility of using the existing communication network of experts and partners of the Academy, which not only reduces costs and time at the stage of entering the market, but also provides the company with exceptional confidence in the market; - building an effective system of professional selection of employees and their further training; - consulting in the field of business security, as well as legal support.

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