Regardless of the country in which you reside, one may identify two key problems that private persons face: difficulties in achieving wage increases, and arising obstacles in attempts to create your own business. Business practice and numerous studies demonstrate that in both cases the main cause of the emerging difficulties is the lack of skills, knowledge and abilities. In the XXI century, business evaluates the effectiveness of employees solely on the basis of performance, and the results in turn are valued in money.

Our Academy provides an opportunity to increase the value of hired employees in the labor market. For this purpose, there is an individual training program created, which may include:
- psychological training, which is often the main obstacle for employees working under the conditions of severe competition in companies;
- handing over methodologies and technologies, and by applying them, an applicant will become ready to solve business problems and become competitive in this or that organization;
- the possibility of employment in the branches of Neuchmann company and partner companies in the US, Western and Eastern Europe.

For private persons who are at the stage of establishing their own business, Academy of the Professional Services Industry provides an opportunity to exclude a number of obstacles and experiments that take up not only financial costs but also years of one’s life.

- strategic consulting with experts and partners of APSI Academy with the goal of making an error-free choice of the market segment;
- the possibility of creating personal technologies for business, which give an indisputable advantage on the market;
- choosing and building the most effective management model;
- creation of one’s own financial system;
- possibility of using the existing communication network of experts and partners of the Academy, which not only reduces costs and time at the stage of entering the market, but also provides the company with exceptional confidence in the market;
- building an effective system of professional selection of employees and their further training;
- consulting in the field of business security, as well as legal support.

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