Scientific and practical seminar “Human Psyche and Intellectual Complex “Sector”

On 16-17th of May a scientific and practical seminar was held in Odessa sponsored by the “Academy of the Professional Services Industry” (APSI).

It is obvious that with increasing speeds and multitask environments, business in the XXI century requires new approaches and new tools for task solving. One of the tools as such is an Intellectual complex “Sector”, which allows you to resolve the dependence of high-speed regimes for any category of market participants, beginning with employees, self-employed persons to business owners. Needless to say, this complex will be also useful to specialists engaged in the field of consulting services in the business environment.Read More

On 21st and 22nd April in Odessa, the scientific and practical seminar was held on the topic of “Heuristics and psychology of decision-making. System analysis of Gerd Gigerenzer’s works”

XXI century necessitates one to make error free decisions on time, and this condition of the century became some sort of an ultimatum. Thus, the topic of the seminar was highly relevant both for business executives and for employees who seek to increase their value in the labor market.
Within the framework of the seminar applicants got acquainted with the works of Professor Gerd Gigerenzer for the first time, Gerd Gigerenzer is an author of the book “Gut Feelings – The Intelligence of the Unconscious”, the director of Max Planck Institute for Educational Research in Berlin.Read More