What is the best direction for business to development? How do you make an error-free decision in relevant areas of interest? How do you select investment-worthy employees for your company? How do you increase the geographic growth of your business? How do you find reliable partners and top level experts in different industries? How do you meet the future employer in person?

Over several decades, the practice of leading European and American companies has shown that the most effective way to improve skills and advanced training is by holding of scientific seminars. The business sphere is highly dynamic, and therefore conservatism and an inability to work under the new rules frequently leads to business bankruptcy. The same applies to employees that are unable to acquire new skills. As a consequence, these kinds of people are confronted with lower wages, layoffs and may find themselves in an endless job search. Market demands are ruthless to both businesses and employees. The ones who are not capable of restructuring their activity on time always fall behind. Exactly for this reason, such seminars are a door to new opportunities.

From words to deeds

During the scientific seminars students get acquainted with the applied aspects and unique methods in the fields of strategic consulting, finance, management, vocational selection, deep psychology, philosophy, sociology of religions, jurisprudence, criminology, criminalistics, journalism, business security and personal security. Additionally, the guests of seminars have the opportunity to personally get acquainted with experts and partners of APSI Academy (“Academy of the Professional Services Industry”). After attending seminars, the most promising audience members might receive an invitation for an internship in Neuchmann, as well as in partner organizations.

“Academy of the Professional Services Industry” conducts scientific seminars in two formats. Public type of seminars are organized not only for employees of Neuchmann and partner organizations, but also for ones who have passed special selection and adhere to certain parameters. Parameters might vary and are determined by the Academy’s management. Closed type of seminars are held in Germany, Spain, Italy and the USA on commercial terms.

Regardless of the scientific seminars’ format, guests have an opportunity to get acquainted with the methods and technologies that have proved their effectiveness in practice. In most cases, audience members are exposed to a completely new kind of information. For this reason, such events are simultaneously tests in regards to professional suitability. Inability of employers to deal with new data and apply task solving tools in practice for problem solving is an alarming signal for a business, thus the seminars provide an opportunity to promptly adjust personnel policies.

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