Scientific seminar “Stereotype as a destruction factor in life” November 16-18, 2017

Why am I not as rich as Mark Zuckerberg? What is better about him? And what prevents me from becoming the way he is? Well, fine, not Zuckerberg, but I could probably earn a couple of million euros? But why I do not have them now, and will I ever have them? Visually, people differ little from each other, but each human being is different in the basis of what decisions he makes. Everyone has a mandatory set of limits and restrictions that do not allow to obtain legally what one desires. On November 16-18, 2017 in Odessa (Ukraine), with the support of our Ukrainian partners – the Memory Institute, there was held a scientific seminar on the topic “Stereotype as destruction factor in life”. During the meeting, there were examined the reasons for the formation of stereotypes, and what shall be done with them in order one starts getting what he wants.

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