"Unsolved crimes" Newspaper. A non-commercial mass media that specializes in conducting journalistic investigations and neutralizing threats to business reputation related to information wars in Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.

The program objectives and thematic direction of the publication is the coverage of activities of law enforcement, judicial and state bodies, their officials, investigative journalism and disclosure of the results, coverage of Ukrainian legislation and legislation of other countries, expert comments on conflict issues.

Starting from 2017, the publication cooperates with the Research Institute of World Martial Art Traditions and Criminalistic Research of Weapon Handling. One of the results of the cooperation was the creation of a series of international projects on the research of world martial arts traditions, with more than 200 participating experts from Spain, the US, Germany, Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Israel, Australia and France.

All results of investigations and research are published in the public domain and allow interested persons to use exclusive materials without any restrictions.

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