The Memory Institute.Officially the research institute was established in Odessa in 2016, but in fact its history begins in the first half of the XX century. Research institute is the successor of a scientific research of an outstanding Soviet academician Grigori Semenovich Popov. Among the main areas of research is study of the potential of human memory, as well as the construction of the methodologies and technologies, by means of which you one can manageably achieve the acquisition of necessary skills on time. The main research unit of the Memory Institute is the Expeditionary Corps. The main task of this unit is the investigation of power - the methodologies and technologies by means of which people sought power in different historical periods, were capable of retaining the power and lead expansion on the new territories. Over the past 4 years, there were held more than 20 scientific expeditions to Germany, Spain, Sicily, Switzerland, Greece, Austria, Italy and the US. As a result, there were restored a number of methodologies and technologies of the past, and they are relevant today as they were many centuries ago. Moreover, more than 50 popular science films have been created and more than 100 books have been written, most of which are in the closed access.

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