"Neuchmann" law company was founded in 1950 by two military officers Johann Broylie and Ferdinand Hans. Both of them studied jurisprudence at the University of Munich. After several years of legal practice in the post-war period, Johann Broylie and Ferdinand Hans established the Neuchmann office in honor of the Professor Ulrich Neuchmann, who was not only their instructor and a high-profile lawyer at the University of Munich, but also a helper to organize private practice.

"Neuchmann" law company has a fairly wide network of partners in 50 countries around the world who are ready to adopt the case on the territory of any of these countries and follow it to a legal logical conclusion. This type of the service is convenient for most of the customers as it saves not only time but money. The company has also proven it’s success in the US.

Today "Neuchmann" company cooperates with a number of detective agencies of the US, France and Belgium. The structure of the company includes several special departments, members of the staff are engineers and lawyers working on the investigation of cyber crimes associated with the theft of funds. The company employs 12 lawyers of main composition, the number of specialists can increase up to 35 people while working on the projects. Additionally, the company staff has 6 certified detectives. The company has its own internal law school, which is attended by each employee. The required period of the education is 6 months.

It is planned to open representative offices of the company in the US, Italy, Ukraine, Russia and Belgium.

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