ActionX. An American company that specializes in the production of popular science programs and documentaries. Among the media products of "ActionX" the great resonance was caused by the Documentary "Athos", "The Messenger", "Operation of Candidate of Sciences "and a four series of films titled “Own Religion". Over the past 4 years, the company produced more than 50 popular science documentaries describing the methodologies and technologies of power acquisition worldwide in different historical periods. ActionX actively cooperates with the Research Institute of World Martial Art Traditions and Criminalistic Research of Weapon Handling , German magazine "World of Martial Arts", as well as the "Expeditionary Corps" - the main scientific unit of the Memory Institute. The technical arsenal "ActionX" uses the latest generation of photo and video equipment, including unmanned aerial vehicles. While the central office is located in Los Angeles, the company films in Spain, Germany, Sicily, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Austria.

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