Doctor of Philosophy, professor, vice-president of the Ukrainian Association of Religious Studies, professor of the theological seminary of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and Eastern European National University name after Lesia Ukrainka, head of the department of the history of religion and practical religious studies at the Institute of Philosophy name after G.S. Skovorod.

Area of scientific interests: ethnology of religion and the newest religious trends. She specializes in the study of methodological and theoretical problems of religious studies, freedom of religion, interreligious dialogue, state-church relations. Has been noted for an active participation in the work of international religious studies associations and many foreign scientific conferences in different countries. Particular attention is paid to work with scientific youth. Lyudmila Filipovich is an Executive Director of the Center for Religious Information and Freedom of the UAR, Vice President of the UAR and the Ukrainian Association for Religious Freedom. She took an active part in organizing days of religious tolerance in many cities of Ukraine. She leads special courses on religious studies in universities and religious educational institutions.

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