Working with information plays a key role in the modern world. The relevance, timeliness and reliability of information depend on the quality of management decisions that may lead to either triumph or bankruptcy.

Journalism is a unique simulator for mastering the necessary skills of working with information. However, currently this concept was greatly simplified and limited to writing articles and creating video products of different formats. That is the reason why experts of the APSI Academy have developed a methodology by means of which each person can learn how to work professionally with information and use these skills for their own interests:

- ways of working with open and closed sources of information to make faultless decisions in business;
- tactics and strategy of forming public opinion;
- counter-journalism and methods of countering information attacks;
- the formation of the authority of individuals and organizations through the creation of primary, secondary and tertiary sources of information.

Definitely, this is only a part of the skills that can be learned as a result of applying this methodology. Unfortunately, most people who call themselves journalists are limited to one or two items from this list at best. Another feature of this methodology is the information module, by means of which one may independently train the employees or colleagues, and keep enhancing their qualifications.

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