Distance learning course “How to make money. Part II”

Distance learning course
“How to make money. Part II”

"If you have the same skills as everybody else, you won’t have heaps of money" Ph.D. Oleg Maltsev

This quote may very well be the most eloquent emphasize of the main reason for such a special course: "How to make money". Unfortunately, modern academic science and a number of so-called business courses and business trainings do not give you the answer to the main question: "How to make money?" For this reason, the scientific supervisor of the APSI Academy Maltsev Oleg made a special course which consists of 20 video lectures. The course is the result of a scientific research at the intersection of such sciences as history, depth psychology, sociology, European mysticism and a number of other disciplines. But the main feature of this course is the presentation of the material in a simple scientific language. The course has an exhaustive amount of data by means of which anyone, if desired, by performing the correct actions described in the detail will be capable of resolving the issue of money making in a modern society.

The course "How to make money. Part II” contains the following:

- A set of unique exercises that the author used to establish his own business in Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Germany and the US. In fact, this is about a comprehensive answer to a question: "How did Oleg Maltsev become the one who is admired and deeply revered today by the European business community?";
- An exhaustive possibilities of money making options in the present context;
- Explanations of the necessary mechanisms for understanding the way to make money now;
- Mechanism of building your own financial system;
- Description of the system that allows us to calculate what are the skills we should acquire in order to earn needed amounts of money;
- Mechanism of reprogramming our human body automatism system;
- The formula of the skills balance;
- Description of the exercises that are necessary to start using an ancestral concept for the purpose of building a business;
- Exercises that exclude the inferiority complex.

"Every decision must be made before you are going to do something. Until you pass a certain level of preparation, you won’t be capable of working on the go. After all this is one the key requirements of the modern business. Therefore, all decisions must be made before you are going to do something. It is not a secret that the best impromptu is a well-prepared package of solutions that seems impromptu to everybody around. That is how one subsequently creates a constructor which can be applied in the business practice. That's why every situation must be pre-played in a certain way as it is described in this course. Only then you will be capable of virtually constructing on the go, to be unpredictable and effective"(fragment from the course "How to make money" Ph.D. Oleg Maltsev)

To participate in the distance learning course “How to make money. Part II” please contact the head of the scientific part of the APSI Academy - Alisa Novosyolova. After you discuss the terms of participation in the course you will be added to the closed group in the Telegram application, which gives an access to the video course.

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