Academy of the Professional Services Industry

“Academy of the Professional Services Industry” (APSI Academy) is a professional community of independent experts from Spain, Italy, Germany, USA and Ukraine. The objective of the Academy is to develop effective methods of problem solving that business structures and individuals are faced with in the XXI century. The expert department includes experts from the fields such as the strategic consulting, finances, management, professional selection, depth psychology, philosophy, sociology of religions, jurisprudence, criminology, criminalistics, journalism, security and personal security.

APSI Academy is an official project of German law company “Neuchmann” . “Academy of the Professional Services Industry” exploits the models of closed communities of the Heidelberg University, which were in the basis at the origins of “Neuchmann” in the middle of XX century.


Provided that we generalize and systematize issues that frequently arise in today’s business structures and organizations, there will be four categories of tasks:

“Technologies” that are necessary to retain positions on the market, expansion of influence and operation in emerging markets;

“HR” which is related to the block of problems related with selection, training and professional development of employees that would be capable of implementing strategic, tactical and operational tasks set by managing body;

“Communication networks” to build and form an effective interaction with the market, partners and clients;

“Management” owing to which a well-balanced system is established, capable of not only retaining current position on the market, but also expanding influence on new territories.

In order to solve these four task categories the Academy of the Professional Services Industry uses a scientific and expert approach. We have combined the achievements of applied science in the period from the XVI to XXI century and experts from Spain, Italy, Germany, USA and Ukraine. In the light of this, system which is capable of solving business problems in five countries has emerged, starting from formation of technologies and strategic consulting to management of clients flow, finances, advocacy, security and personal security. In regard to private individuals, not only there is a possibility of consultations about the establishment of one’s own business in aforementioned countries, but also the opportunity to participate in the projects of the Academy, as well as further professional training and subsequent employment in organizations that are clients / partners of the APSI Academy.


The business council of the German law company “Neuchmann” made a decision to invite a Ukrainian scientist, candidate of psychological sciences Maltsev Oleg as the scientific director of the “Academy of the Professional Services Industry”

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