The earliest scientific seminar of the Academy of the Professional Services Industry will be held on July 21-22, 2018.

The topic of the seminar is “The Business – relation of European Mysticism and Modern Science”. One of the main problems of business in the 21st century is total ignorance about the essence and origins of the business itself. It is difficult to succeed in an industry that one knows by hearsay or from business guru books, that are not capable of explaining the nature and structure of the business themselves. This seminar will open up the curtain to actual history of business emergence, there will be also an explanation of its direct relation with European mysticism, which was a science of the ruling class for many centuries

The lecture part of the seminar will be conducted by the head of the Memory Institute, candidate of psychological sciences Oleg Maltsev. Participants of the seminar will get the book “The Greatness of the Sword”, which was translated into Russian for the first time ever by the researchers of the Research Institute of World Martial Art Traditions and Criminalistic Research of Weapon Handling.
Terms of participation are discussed on an individual basis. Limited number of seats. Registration ends on July 16, 2018. Please get in touch with the head of the scientific part of APSI Academy – Alisa Novosyolova to participate in the seminar

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